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Santa Ana River Trail & Pkwy

South Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408 909.794.1123


The Santa Ana River Trail is currently 60% complete. When finished it will run 110 miles – from the San Bernardino County National Forest to the Pacific Ocean at Huntington Beach where the trail ends.

There are currently two gaps in the trail: From Green River in Orange County to Hidden Valley Wildlife area in Riverside County and from Waterman Avenue in San Bernardino to the National Forest boundary line near Mentone.

Regional Parks is responsible for the creation, operation and maintenance of 22 miles of trail with four phases of development. Phase I and II are complete; Phase III and Phase IV are in design and development. Phases I and II are open and comprise 7.5 miles of trail starting at Waterman Avenue behind in San Bernardino to the Riverside County Line.

The 3.6 mile stretch of Phase III will run from Waterman Avenue to California Street in Redlands. Phase IV will run from California Street in Redlands to Garnet Street in Mentone and up to the San Bernardino National Forest for a total of another 11 miles.


A photo of three teddy bears in a park sitting on a a red checkered picnic blanket with a basket between them and each one has a paper cup in front of them as if they are picnicking in the park. On the left is a headline thgat says July 10th is National Teddy bear Picnic Day. Below is the wording Regional Parks is hosting an online photo contest. Snap a photo of you and your teddy bear picnicking in one of our county parks between July 10-13th and submit by July 13. Winners will receive a limited ediction Regional Parks Ranger Bear. Submit photo to and fill out the attached photo release.

Regional parks is excited to host the Teddy Bear Picnic contest. Visit one of our participating parks below, take a photo of you and anyone else with you, and submit it along with a completed photo release by July 13 by 5 PM. Email to Read the photo release for the list of complete rules. Must be a San Bernardino County resident to enter.

  • Calico
  • Guasti
  • Glen Helen
  • Lake Gregory
  • Mojave Narrows
  • Prado
  • Yucaipa


A picture of the Red-Tail Hawk, Great-Horned Owl, Great Blue Heron and the American Bald Eagle.


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Santa Ana River Trail & Pkwy

South Waterman Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92408