Use of splashpad at Glen Helen Swim Complex is included in price.

  • Daily Swim Only: $7 (Excludes holidays, holiday weekend and special events)
  • Daily + Waterslides: $12 (Excludes holidays, holiday weekend and special events)
  • Daily + Waterslides: $17 (Holidays, holiday weekends: Fri., Sat., Sun. & Mon. where applicable, & special events)
  • Children under age three (3) are free.
  • Must be at least 48 inches tall to ride the slides.

Yucaipa Swim Complex Cabanas

No online or call-ahead reservations are accepted. Check availability at swim complex day of visit. Reservations and payment are taken day of visit at Yucaipa’s pool facility on a first-come, first serve basis.

Weekends are considered Saturday & Sunday. Holiday weekends are considered Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Three (3) small picnic shelters with table and grill.

  • Daily (excluding holidays, holiday weekends & special events): $50/day
  • Daily on holidays, holiday weekends & special events: $100/day


The park admission fee is a separate charge from the swim fee.

  • Monday through Friday: $8 per vehicle (excluding holidays and special events)
  • Weekends: $10 per vehicle (excluding special events)


Sliders must sit properly on the slides to avoid injury.

  • May not go down head first.
  • May not go down on stomach.
  • No trains of any length (riding double).
  • No stopping, kneeling or standing on the waterslides.
  • Hands and legs must be kept inside waterslide.
  • All riders must be a minimum of 48 inches.
  • No swimming in splash pool (known as the water area where you land).
  • No riders allowed to slide while pregnant.
  • No lifejackets on slides.
  • Patrons may not be close to slides or splash pool.
  • Swimming and diving are not permitted in the splash pool.
  • Leave splash pool area immediately.
  • No running is permitted in the waterslide area.
  • Riders may not leave the slide entry area until instructed by pool staff.
  • Slide must not be used while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Spectators are not allowed along accessible areas of the slides.
  • Swimwear attire only. No jeans, no jewelry, no metal objects, no sunglasses, eyeglasses, no shoes (other than water shoes) may be worn on the slides.

No inflatable devices, rafts, inner tubes or beach balls are allowed in the pool.

No. There are no grills or barbecues allowed in the pool area. Yucaipa has three (3) rentable cabanas with a grill in each. The cabanas are first come, first serve. Both Glen Helen and Yucaipa have picnic areas with grills located outside of the pool facilities. There are in-and-out swim complex privileges, which allow patrons to leave and return on the same day.

Yes, sun umbrellas are allowed inside the swim complexes.

Yes, chairs are allowed inside the swim complexes.

Yes, coolers are allowed inside the swim complexes. However, no alcohol or glass is allowed.

No. Only certified guide dogs are allowed inside.

No bluetooth portable speakers are allowed inside the swim complexes.

Yes. Sand toys are allowed inside Yucaipa swim complex. Glen Helen does not have a sandy beach.

Yes. Lifejackets are available upon request. They are U.S. Coast Guard certified.

Yes. EZ pop-up tents are allowed inside the swim complexes.

Yes. In-and-out privileges are allowed. Upon entering the swim complex, a wristband will be issued, which allows in-and-out entry.

Yes. Restrooms are available at each swim complex.

Children should wear appropriate swim diapers.

Yes. Guests are allowed to wear inflatable arm floaties.

Glen Helen Pool Schedule

Dates and pool times subject to change.

Yucaipa Pool Schedule

Dates and pool times subject to change.