Fish and Game Commission

The Fish and Game Commission is an advisory group to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. The Commission provides the Board of Supervisors with information regarding local or community concerns, and comments on plans which will aid the Board in being more responsive to local desires and needs relating to the propagation and protection of fish and wildlife.

James Blocker

First District

David Halbrook

First District

Robert Olin

Robert Olin

Second District

Paul Franklin

Paul Franklin

Third District

Todd M. Richard

Third District

Gregg Fresonke

Fourth District

Roy Cox

Fifth District

Fish & Game Commission Project Funding Application

Grant Funding Criteria

  • Public education relating to the scientific principles of fish and wildlife conservation, consisting of supervised formal instruction carried out pursuant to a planned curriculum and aids to education such as literature, audio and video recordings, training models, and nature study facilities.
  • Temporary emergency treatment and care of injured or orphaned wildlife.
  • Temporary treatment and care of wildlife confiscated by the department as evidence.
  • Breeding, raising, purchasing, or releasing fish or wildlife which are to be released upon approval of the department pursuant to Sections 6400 and 6401 onto land or into waters of local, state, or federal agencies or onto land or into waters open to the public.
    Improvement of fish and wildlife habitat, including, but not limited to, construction of fish screens, weirs, and ladders; drainage or other watershed improvements; gravel and rock removal or placement; construction of irrigation and water distribution systems; earthwork and grading; fencing; planting trees and other vegetation management; and removal of barriers to the migration of fish and wildlife.
  • Construction, maintenance, and operation of public hatchery facilities.
  • Purchase and maintain materials, supplies, or equipment for either the department’s ownership and use or the department’s use in the normal performance of the department’s responsibilities.
  • Predator control actions for the benefit of fish or wild life following certification in writing by the department that the proposed actions will significantly benefit a particular wild life species.
  • Scientific fish and wildlife research conducted by institutions of higher learning, qualified researchers, or governmental agencies, if approved by the department.
  • Reasonable administrative costs, excluding the costs of audits required by Section 13104, for secretarial service, travel, and postage by the county fish and wildlife commission when authorized by the county board of supervisors. For purposes of this subdivision, “reasonable cost” means an amount which does not exceed 3 percent of the average amount received by the fund during the previous three-year period, or three thousand dollars ($3,000) annually, whichever is greater, excluding any funds carried over from a previous fiscal year.
  • Contributions to a secret witness program for the purpose of facilitating enforcement of this code and regulations adopted pursuant to this code.
  • Costs incurred by the district attorney or city attorney in investigating and prosecuting civil and criminal actions for violations of this code, as approved by the department.
  • Other expenditures, approved by the department, for the purpose of protecting, conserving, propagating, and preserving fish and wildlife. 13104. The department may audit, or require the county to audit, expenditures by the county from its fish and wildlife propagation.

Shooting & Hunting Maps

Shooting & Hunting FAQs

Firearms and transporting them are regulated by the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms, visit

There is a shooting restriction legend at the bottom right hand corner of both sides of the map that contains 10 different color codes. These colors describe the shooting restrictions for each specific color area indicated on the map.

The map is broken down into the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) which uses range, township and sections as used in Thomas Guide map books. Visit for more information on PLSS. Once you understand the PLSS system you can determine your position in relation to the map when using the Thomas Guide. You can also access the County of San Bernardino Firearms Ordinance by visiting, which gives a detail of exact boundaries using the PLSS and other identifying land marks and roads to determine your position in relation to the map.

No. The map was drawn up with input and review from all government agencies that administer these public lands. The map serves as a guide to enable safe and responsible shooting and hunting in San Bernardino County. Due to the development of areas or other factors an agency will have an obligation to protect the welfare and safety of the public or property within these areas so they will post no shooting signs. You should seek out an alternate site.

Air rifles, bow and arrows do not meet the definition of a firearm, therefore they are not included in the county Ordinance Relating to Firearms. Visit for the California Department of Fish and Game website for questions concerning hunting.

For information on target shooting in the San Bernardino National Forest please visit

There are policies regarding hunting and shooting in Bureau of Land Management areas. Please visit for the BLM website.

Meetings of the Fish & Game Commission meet every other month on the third Tuesday at 1:30 PM on the following months:

  • May 21, 2024

San Bernardino County Regional Parks Department
268 W. Hospitality Lane, 3rd FL
San Bernardino, CA 92408